Windin' Ball Recordings

We now have in stock for sale Windin' Ball Recordings which consists of the following: 10"

WB 101 LP 33rpm Don Ewell - pianist   $25 includes statside shipping and handling.

WB  104 LP Natty Dominique New Orleans Hot Six/Little Brother Montgomery

                    w/Frank Chace,Floyd O'Brien,Lil Armstrong,Israel Crosby,Baby Dodds.  $25

WB 102 LP  Mama Yancey Sings....Don Ewell plays.....$25.    

WB 103 12" LP  Don Ewell-Piano Solos of King Oliver Creole Jazz Band tunes.   $25.

WB CD 105 Salty Dogs 1955  $15.

WB CD 106  meet Glover Compton  $15.

Windin' Ball Recordings founded by Birch Smith were produced in the '50's.  These are all original and new saleable condition.  Want a piece of Recorded History?

Order: Tradjazz Productions

            2121 S. 6th Street, Lafayette, IN 47905  

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