TJP 2143 Birch Smith and The DRK's Live at the Hitching Post qualifies for this volume 2 of this series. Volume 1 sold out a year ago, although I understand CD Baby may have 3 copies left for sale. Birch Smith is the co-founder of the Salty Dogs Jazz Band back in 1947. Also the founder of Windin' Ball Records. Gene Mayl founded the DRK's in the early '40's in Dayton, Ohio. Simply put, a great trad band of which the Salty Dogs shared a similar style. Birch recorded, on acetates, this CD on March 30, 1951. We managed to put a decent sound together for the results you'll hear. No means hi-fi, but an excellent performance from these top flight players: Birch Smith-cornet; Charlie Sonnonstine-trombone,Jim Campbell-clarinet; Fred Gary-piano; Jan Carrell-banjo; Tom Hyer-drums; and Gene Mayl-tuba/leader. This recording is Classic Jazz for the Purists. Check out 'Everybody Loves My Baby' on the audio page. Then order your own copy of the CD and enjoy the 18 tunes!