South Frisco Jazz Band TJP 35 - NEW $15.00

NEW! DVD 50th Anniv. Salty Dogs Concert (DVD) $25

NEW! 3 CD 40th Anniv. Salty Dogs Concert (audio) $25

SPECIAL for all customers.

Available Now-DVD-Salty Dogs Jazz Band-50th Golden Anniv. 1997-$25.00 + shipping.  Send thru PayPal.

TJP 30 The Original Salty Dogs Jazz Band

TJP 30  A live Concert at Chicago Ridge.

1963 Purdue Univ. Salty Dogs Jazz Band

NEW! TJP 29 Live Concert at Wisconsin/Salty Dogs Jazz Band.

NEW CD RELEASE from Tradjazz Productions!

We are now taking orders in preparation of the NEW RELEASE by The Original Salty Dogs Jazz Band of the Chicago Historical Society Concert-TJP 28.  A 'live' digital recording featuring:  Lew Green, Jim Snyder, Frank Chace, James Dapogny, John Cooper, Bob Sundstrom, Mike Walbridge and Wayne Jones.

$15.00 plus $3.00 shipping and handling for US orders.  You may use PayPal or send check, money order or cash to:

Tradjazz Productions-Dick Karner-2121 S. 6th Street-Lafayette, IN-47905.

Ev Farey 'Live At Bimbo's 365 Club'

TJP 2133 is available.  Sold out a few years ago.  We have copies of this best seller in digital stereo available.

Features: Ev Farey - Bob Neighbor - Trumpets

Bill Napier - Clarinet    Bob Mielke - Trombone    Norma Teagarden - Piano     Monte Ballou - Banjo    Bob Short - Tuba


Special Order Cash, Check, Money Order for $18.00 includes shipping and handling.  Stateside orders only.

TJP 25 Ted Butterman


Ted Butterman's Old McHenry Novelty Orchestra play Chicago Jazz from the '30's.

TJP 19, and TJP 24

We have 2 new exciting releases for purchase.  TJP 19 features Ted Butterman's Old McHenry Novelty Band playing some great swinging hot jazz!

Next is TJP 24 'The Chicago Stompers Live at the Red Arrow'.  This was recorded in 1958 and features some great jazz players which include Clarinetist Kim Cusak, Tuba man Mike Walbridge and pianist James Dapogny.  Also founders Fred Sadock-trumpet, Chuck Chesnul-banjo.

And not to forget the latest Turk Murphy Jazz Band release TJP 23 '2 Tickets To McGoons'!

All cd's are priced at $15 plus shipping worldwide.  Place your order from this website!

NEW New Orleans Jazzin' Babies from Berlin

TJP 22.  A new CD release from the New Orleans Jazzin' Babies from some of the finest traditional jazz available today.  They have done two tours of the United States and played to sell-out crowds everywhere they appeared. 


Turk Murphy's Jazz Band Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 - 'Live At Earthquake McGoons'.


The Village Tavern Hot Band plays 'Swingin' Hot Jazz' is the new CD now available.

New Golden Gate Jazz Bandits Volume 2 TJP 18


The Village Tavern Hot Band's TJP 16 "JAZZBOS" is their 5th album for Tradjazz Productions.

These guys are putting out some very hot jazz!  Bob Neighbor-cornet, John Otto-reeds,

John Cooper-piano, Jim Barrett-banjo, Chris Stind-tuba, and Mike Schwimmer-drums.  Recorded live at the Village Tavern!


New Golden Gate Jazz Bandits - TJP 13 is now available for purchase. This was recorded at the Bradenton, FL Jazz Festival.

Featuring Chris Tyle-Cornet, Charlie Sonnanstine-Trombone, Bob Helm-Clarinet and Sop. Sax, Robin Wetterau-Piano, Jack Kuncl-Banjo, Mike Walbridge-Tuba, Hal Smith-Drums. Also on 4 selections we have Carol Leigh on vocals w/Leon Oakley and Lloyd Byasse.


We are now up and running again!  We have addressed the problem with the 'Buy CD's' page and finally have gotten it redone.  It should now be a much easier task for you to order your CD's now.  Thanks for your patience!

Also a note that we have lowered our prices.  All CD's are now priced at $15,00 plus the usual shipping and handling charges.  We hope you are comfortable with the changes!


Coming soon: The New Golden Gate Jazz Bandits-Live at Bradenton.

TJP 14-King Oliver Classics

New Full Music Files.

We've added 'Room Rent Blues' which is one of the titles from the NEW TJP 14 CD-Ken Ingram's New Syncopators play the King Oliver Creole Jazz Band Classics. This will put you back in the 1920's & '30's!

NEW CD-Ken Ingram's New Syncopators-TJP 14.

TJP 14 'Ken Ingram's New Syncopators play the music of King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band Classics' is available for purchase from this website.  This album features the two horn front line of Ken and Chris Mercer;the great trombonist Mick Clift;clarinetist John Osborne;Roger Catley-piano;George Linder-banjo;Chester Oakley-tuba;and the great drummer Nick Ward. A truely great ensemble that captures the music of the King Oliver Creole Jazz Band!

$17 plus shipping-order now!


TJP 15  Earl's New Orleans House Jazz Band

Showcasing Bob Helm on clarinet and soprano sax w/ Burt Bales, Bob Short, Dick Oxtot,Bill Bardin, Walt Yost, Pete Allen, and others.

Correction info:TJP11

TJP 11 Turk Murphy.

Selection #2 Careless Love.  Title should read 'Gone Daddy Blues'.

Sorry for the error.

Turk Murphy Jazz Band-Daybreak Blues-TJP 11

Another new Turk!  Off to a great start for the new year!   We find Turk with Ernie Carson, Bob Helm, Pete Clute, Carl Lunsford, Bob Short, and Pat Yankee.  Order today!

TJP 12 NEW! Salty Dogs Jazz Band 1958.

Recorded live at the Purdue Memorial Union comes this Concert which features: Lew Green-Cornet; Jim Snyder-Trombone; Russ Dagon-Clarinet; John Cooper-Piano; Eddy Davis-Banjo; Dick Karner & Joel Jensen-Drums & Washboard; Dick Connors & James 'Whip' Williams-Tuba.      

@ NEW Turk Murphy Recordings!

TJP 8 & TJP 9 are two new Turk Murphy San Francisco Jazz Band recordings now available for purchase thru this website and Worlds Records.

New Tradjazz CD now Available

TJP 10  Ben Cohen Hot Five-Live      NEW

TJP 7 The Down Home Jazz Band

NEW TJP 7 The Down Home Jazz Band Live at the Capital City Jazz Fest!

This exciting 2 cornet Yerba Buena style band is now available in a 2 CD set. Available from this website or Worlds Records. Hal Smith's DHJB gives us 25 tunes to relish that features Chris Tyle and Bob Schulz on cornets, Tom Bartlett-trombone, Tom Fischer-clarinet,Steve Pistorius-piano, Jack Meilahn-banjo, Mike Bezin-tuba, and Hal Smith-drums.  If you like Lu Watters and Turk Murphy style jazz, you will love the DHJB!

TJP 4 available now!

Turk Murphy's San Francisco Jazz Band 2 disc set-LIVE!

The NEW El Dorado Jazz Band-TJP 2147

Co-lead by Hal Smith and Clint Baker, and featuring Carl 'Sonny' Leyland, Mike Caparone, Mike Baird, Katie Cavera, and Georgia Korba, comes this re-creation of the band that took Southern California by storm thru the '60's.  This live recording was done on April 30 and May 1, 2011 at the Chattanooga Traditional Jazz Festival.  Giving almost 80 minutes of hot, foot stomping New Orleans jazz!  This new CD is now ready to purchase from Tradjazz Productions or Worlds Records.  $18.

New TJP 6 'The Dixielanders'

TJP 6 "Wally Olson's Dixielanders w/Bud Freeman and Dick Mushlitz.  This is a double-CD of the 3rd annual Newark State College Jazz Concert from 1962.  A real swinging group augmented by the tenor sax of Bud Freeman, and the banjo, guitar and vocalizations of Dick Mushlitz, one of the founder's of the Salty Dogs Jazz Band.  Order online on this site or thru Worlds Records.

The Original El Dorado Jazz Band

New-TJP 5  Jim Leigh and the El Dorado Jazz Band come forth with a new disc from a club date in 1955.  Along with Leigh on trombone, we have Jim Borkenhagen-trumpet, Pete Fay-piano, Danny Ruedger on banjo and vocals.  The tremendous pairing of two great clarinrtists-Bob Helm and Rowland Working finish out the 21 tunes on this digital CD.

Lu Watters Yerba Buena Jazz Band

TJP 3 Historical series brings a collaboration of Hal Smith and Bill Carter and the SFTJS on this one. A new release of Lu and the boys mostly live from Hambone Kelly's. They are all present, Watters, Turk, Helm, Rose, Hayes, and Lammi and Dart. The makeup of the Yerba Buena Jazz Band. Plenty of vocals from Turk Murphy and Clancy Hayes, too! This one provides all unissued material. This one's hot! Order your copy today. Go to the products page to order TJP 3 Lu Watter's and the YBJB. Only $18 plus postage for this great historical recording.

TJP 2 New Release

TJP 2 The Salty Dogs Jazz Band Live at the Sabre Room. Fifteen full length tunes in digital sound make this 80 minute recording the latest offering in the Tradjazz catalogue. Order your copy today!

NEW-TJP 2148

Darnell Howard and the Salty Dogs Jazz Band is the new offering from TradJazz Productions TJP 2148.  Featured with Howard on clarinet we have: Jack Carrell-trumpet; Jim Snyder-trombone; John Cooper-piano; Randy Wilkinson-banjo; Bob Rann-tuba; Dick Karner-drums.  This is a hard driving session with a lot of your favorite tunes; Chattanooga Stomp, Blues My Naughtie Sweetie, Jazzin' Babies Blues, Dippermouth Blues, Some of These Days, Saint's, Ice Cream, and many more.  Order now!

TJP 2146 New Release


TJP 2146 'Brother Red'- Bob Helm

All new, unissued material with 23 tunes of 80 minutes worth of Helm, Turk, Wally, Short, Oakley, Claire Austin, and others.  Order now!



Rest in Peace, fellow Salty Dog.  'Coop' passed away earlier this week.  He was the pianist for the 'Dogs' since 1952. We shall miss him.  God speed, old friend.


A new bio-discography by James K. Williams; Discography by John Wilby.  120 pages including extensive photographs from the Frank Driggs and Duncan Schiedt collections, Chicago Defender advert art and historic Noone documents.

$20 US per copy + $4 US packaging and postage in US.

$4.50 P&P to Canada, $8 US P&P to overseas destination.  PayPal preferred, personal US bank check or USPMO accepted.  Order from James K. Williams, 801 S. English Avenue, Springfield, IL. 62704.  Email:  Telephone: 217-787-3089

TJP 2146 HOT! HOT!

Coming! Bob Helm, Turk Murphy, Leon Oakley, Wally Rose, Bob Short, and more. Stay tuned for some exciting news!


TJP 2145 features Jack Lord's Charleston Chasers in a lively setting at the Sabre Room just outside Chicago. The setting was a surprise 50th anniversary party for Jack's parents, who loved traditional jazz and dancing the Charleston. The musicians on that wonderful occasion consisted of the following: Leon Oakley; Frank Chace; Tom Bartlett; Jack Carrell; Bob Rann; Dick Karner; and Jack Lord. Aside from the fact they were all Salty Dogs, on this one evening they were together as Jack Lord's Charleston Chasers. Go on over to the Music section and check 'em out. Pure, hot stomping jazz! Then go to the BUY CD's section and order your copy today.


TJP 2144-JAZZIN'!-The Village Tavern Hot Band. The Hot Band returns for their fourth album which is another live recording from the Tavern. A few featured songs: Royal Garden Blues; Black and Tan Fantasy; Limehouse Blues; Cabin In The Pines; A Monday Date and others round out this swinging new release! Order your copy today.

Jazz For Purists--Volume 2

TJP 2143 Birch Smith and The DRK's Live at the Hitching Post qualifies for this volume 2 of this series. Volume 1 sold out a year ago, although I understand CD Baby may have 3 copies left for sale. Birch Smith is the co-founder of the Salty Dogs Jazz Band back in 1947. Also the founder of Windin' Ball Records. Gene Mayl founded the DRK's in the early '40's in Dayton, Ohio. Simply put, a great trad band of which the Salty Dogs shared a similar style. Birch recorded, on acetates, this CD on March 30, 1951. We managed to put a decent sound together for the results you'll hear. No means hi-fi, but an excellent performance from these top flight players: Birch Smith-cornet; Charlie Sonnonstine-trombone,Jim Campbell-clarinet; Fred Gary-piano; Jan Carrell-banjo; Tom Hyer-drums; and Gene Mayl-tuba/leader. This recording is Classic Jazz for the Purists. Check out 'Everybody Loves My Baby' on the audio page. Then order your own copy of the CD and enjoy the 18 tunes!

New Release TJP 2142

The month of December brings a new release from the Bald Eagles Jazz Band. TJP 2142 brings the Bald Eagles in a live setting from the Good Time Jazz Club in Libertyville, IL The Bald Eagles are: Mike Walbridge-cornet; Jim Snyder-trombone; Kim Cusack-clarinet; John Cooper-piano; Mac Reynolds-banjo; Jim 'Whip' Williams-tuba, and Mike Schwimmer-washboard. Some of the tunes included are: New Orleans Shuffle; Winin' Boy Blues; Milenberg Joys; Oh By Jingo;Ponchartrain; Flatfoot;San Antonio Rose, and ten others. The Bald Eagles can also be heard on their first CD TJP 2127 from TradJazz Productions.


TJP 2141 San Francisco TradJazz-The Honeybucket Jazz Band. Frank Goulette-trumpet Bob Hodes-trumpet Fred Bjork-trombone Bill Morrison-clarinet Art Nortier-piano Don Kitter-banjo Dick Karner-drums Bob Rann-tuba

Two New Releases Available

TJP 2134-The South Frisco Jazz Band-Live in Spokane. TJP 2140- Russ Gilman and Friends-Out Of Nowhere. Please check out our sound samples on these and other TradJazz releases. Just click on the Music button. You may find a list of TradJazz Productions CD's to purchase by hitting the Buy CD's button. We offer world wide delivery, and you can use a credit card or your PayPal account.

NEW Release-TJP 2139

LIVE AT THE TAVERN IN CHICAGO is the new Village Tavern Hot Band release. Their 3rd release features Bob Neighbor, John Otto, John Cooper, Jim Barrett, Chris Stind, and Mike Schwimmer in a live setting putting out some really hot trad jazz! If you have not heard this band, now is the time. Released in digital stereo in a very live and enthusiastic crowd setting, playing great toe tapping, hand clapping hot jazz! Order now!

New Salty Dogs Release

TJP 2135 is a new Salty Dogs Jazz Band release from Tradjazz Productions. This is a live concert recording done at the Tippecanoe Memorial Battlefield at Battleground, Indiana in 1974. Order your copy today.

TJP 2138 New Release Available

TJP 2138-GREMOLI-Live at Memories is our second new release this month. Special guests Carl Sonny Leyland on piano, and Hal Smith, Jr. on drums add to the hot New Orleans style jazz band. Digital recording.


The Funky New Orleans Jazz Band TJP 2137 is now available for purchase. All new unissued digital CD. Earl Scheelar, Bob Helm, Bill Bardin, Dick Oxtot, Pete Allen, Don Marchant.

Now Shipping TJP 2124 and TJP 2136

Just click the 'buy' tab and place your order. It's fast and easy. Orders placed today will ship tomorrow. All overseas orders welcome. Buy some Trad Jazz today!

January brings two new CD's

TJP 2124 Salty Dogs in concert at Purdue Univ and TJP 2136 The Village Tavern Hot Band returns with a new one.


TJP 2124 Coming Soon.

Salty Dogs Jazz Band-Live Concert at Purdue University.

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tjp 2133 is here


TJP 2133 Coming

Ev Farey's Jazz Band CD is the next releasr on Tradjazz Productions label. Recorded live at Bimbo's 365 Club in San Francisco in 1976. Featured are Ev and Bob Neighbor on trumpets, Bill Napier-Clarinet, Bob Mielke-Trombone, Norma Teagarden-Piano, Monte Ballou-Banjo, and Bob Short-Tuba. This is a very live recording and one to be added to your collection. Stay tuned!

It's here! Now Shipping.

TJP 2132- - The Village Tavern Hot Band CD is now available for immediate shipping. Order your copy today!

The Village Tavern Hot Band

HOT JAZZ-LIVE! is set for release this month.TJP 2132. This fine album features Bob Neighbor, John Otto, John Cooper, Jim Barrett,Chris Stind,and Mike Schwimmer. Also guests Tom Bartlett and Bill Hanck share trombone duties. Tunes like Potato Head Blues, Kansas City Stomps, Georgia BoBo and others make up this release.


Yes, the new Salty Dogs Jazz Band w/Darnell Howard CD has arrived. It is ready for immediate shipment.

TJP 2131 Set For Release

The Salty Dogs Jazz Band w/Darnell Howard-Live At The Hunt Club 6/'55 is set for release this summer. Darnell Howard had a long spanding career, and had played with King Oliver, Earl 'Fatha' Hines, Bob Scobey and others. His main instruments were the clarinet and violin.


TJP 2130 'Traditional Dixieland Jazz Volume #1--Trad Jazz For Purists. Salty Dogs JB, Bay City JB, Tammany Hall Jazz Stompers, etc. Perdorming musicians: Jack Carrell,Birch Smith,Bob Short,Leon Oakley,Bob Helm, Buzz Reynolds,Jim Snyder,Jim Leigh,Tom Bartlett,John Cooper,Art Nortier,Freddie Crews,Randy Wilkinson,Jack Lord,'Whip' Williams,Don Kidder,Jerry Jordan,Dick Karner,Bob Rann,Bob Bonsack,Dick Zarndt, and many others. Use Paypal or a credit card.

Some passing friends....

Charlie Booty and today, Phil Kiely have passed on. Both were giants in the Boogie and Blues music fields. To honor both, we are listing a few sound-bytes. Better friends one could not ask for. God speed. Tradjazz Productions


Try our new Paypal or use your credit card to purchase.It has been a while. I am posting some new sound-bytes, while deleting others. Do not forget that you may purchase the cd's listed here from this website or from CD Baby, World's Records, Webster Records, and Triangle Jazz. It's always nice to hear from our readers, so send your thoughts and comments to our e-mail address, our guestbook, or snailmail. We are working hard to get new releases out.Coming soon are two Salty Dog JB releases, a South Frisco JB release, a Village Tavern Hot Band release, and another in a series of Ev Farey's Bay City Jazz Band. Also, I'm very excited to inform you of a new unissued Lu Watters Yerba Buena JB CD. This is a co-production involving Tradjazz Productions and the SFTJF. So, bear with us folks, it's all coming together! Dick Karner Tradjazz Productions

What's coming for 2008

The new Salty Dog CD is delayed for release until early 2008. However, it is worth waiting for. Also due for release in '08, is a new South Frisco Jazz Band, the Village Tavern Hot Jazz Band, and a few more. Sign up on our e-mail list, and when you visit our website please sign our guestbook.

Salty Dogs New CD Release

A new Salty Dogs Jazz Band CD release is planned for late November release. This is a very live performance recorded January 16, 1955 doing a concert at Purdue Univ. Memorial Union's North Ballroom. Salty Dogs featured are Jack Carrell-trumpet; Jim Snyder-trombone; Buzz Reynolds-clarinet; John Cooper-piano; Randy Wilkinson-banjo; Dick Karner-drums; Bob Bonsack-tuba. All material is prev. unissued.

A New 2-CD Pak Release

An historical double cd release is now available for purchase. It features three live sessions of the Original ElDorado Jazz Band, and one live session of Ev Farey's Bay City Jazz Band. All un-issued material featuring some of the finest traditional jazz players like Bob Helm, Bob Short, Wally Rose. Ev Farey, Rowland Working, Frank 'Big Boy' Goudie, Jim Leigh, Danny Ruedger, Squire Girsback, Carol Leigh, and many others. This will be a double disc you will want to own. Limited quantities will be available only thru Tradjazz Productions and Worlds Records. TJP 2125 (2 Disc Set) .

Also Available From Tradjazz Productions

Windin' Ball CD's- Salty Dogs 1955-WBCD-105 Glover Compton-WBCD-106

The Bald Eagle Jazz Band

Tradjazz Productions is proud to announce a new release of The Bald Eagle Jazz Band. TJP 2127 CD .

George Buck Releases New Salty Dogs CD.

Shake That Thing is now available on George Buck's GHB label. You may go to and place your order for this great historical recording of the 1955 Salty Dogs Jazz Band.

A little about Glover Compton....

The late Glover Compton is a largely unknown figure even to knowledgeable jazz piano and ragtime followers. A principal reason for this is that he was an expatriot to Paris after his early Chicago days and before his final return to the U.S. However, he was well known and highly regarded as an entertainer in the early Chicago period. Buy this Windin' Ball CD release now.


MEET GLOVER COMPTON. WB 106 Legendary Chicago-born ragtime jazz pianist and showman. 1884-1964. Recorded by Birch Smith in Chicago April 11, 1956. Place your order now!

The Advent of the Salty Dogs-1947

Starting Monday, October 16, a new article by the co-founder of the Salty Dogs Jazz Band. Birchall Smith will be updating on a regular basis with the real story of this world famous jazz band. Be sure and check in with us. Please sign in with your comments, and why not sign up on the e-mail list, too.

Ev Farey's Bay City Jazz Band

Tradjazz Productions next release CD2123 is here. Recorded live at the Sail 'N in San Francisco in 1958. Never before released material, it features the late Bob Helm on clarinet along with Ev on cornet, Jim Leigh-trombone,Art Nortier-piano,Tito Patri-banjo, and Walt Yost-tuba. 74 minutes and 19 tunes of hot trad jazz! You may now order.

John Ely's Salty Dog Jazz Band

John Ely is a Salty Dog. Back in the late '40's and early '50's, John was the lead trumpet player for the famous Purdue Univ. Salty Dogs JB. On the music page. we feature the Eel and his North Carolina version of the Salty Dog JB doing three tunes. Check it out.

Salty Dogs 1955 CD-

This cd was released by Birch Smith's 'Windin' Ball Records at the 1997 Salty Dogs 50th Anniv. Birch, along with Dick Mushlitz, founded the band in 1947 at Purdue Univ. This cd features the famous Dogs that played the Blue Note Jazz Club in Chicago. See Blue Note photo for personnel listing.

The Original Peerless Jazz Band

It was the late 1940's...the setting was at Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN. The WBAA radio studios was doing a live interview and a jam session with members of the Purdue Jazz Society. The band was the Original Peerless Jazz Band, the forerunner of what was to be the Salty Dogs Jazz Band. Let's go back to that time in history....and listen....go to Music....scroll down until you come to That's A Plenty/Sister on the mp3.....and ...dig it!

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