I've been captivated by and passionate about this hot, wild, fun, good-time music called Dixieland or Traditional Jazz since I first heard it as a young boy in the 1950's. Kudos to Dick Karner for creating this website and assembling an impressive collection of albums featuring a variety of Dixieland styles, but emphasizing the West Coast revival style of jazz exemplified by the beloved Salty Dogs, patterned after Lu Watters and Turk Murphy. I especially like the more up-tempo, hard-driving tracks, which are found on the Salty Dogs' live recording sessions (at their most exuberant) in the mid-50's, and the "Shake That Thing" album, in all of which Dick is drummin' his heart out! I'm sure that Dick has had as much or more pleasure in performing, producing and preserving this great music, as we do listening to it. This music has often been called "The Truth" over the years, and rightly so. It tickles a primal nerve, and, despite fears to the contrary, it will never die. Dick, thanks for all you do to make this wonderful music available to us traditional jazz lovers!
Hello Salty Dog Fans, My father, Jack Carrell, played trumpet with the Dogs and with Turk Murphy and I see some pictures here on the site of dad with the Dogs that I've never seen before. I'd LOVE to have copies of those. Any chance I can get in contact with anyone to get some copies of those pics? My uncle, Jack Lord, also played with the Dogs and he's kept me in touch with things a bit, but those pictures would be great to have. Thanks so much in advance for letting me know. Dan Carrell Purdue Grad Class of '94 Acacia Fraternity
It'd be kinda like the group blog idea, but with more of a "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?" vibe. And who didn't love playing that? :)
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Great music.
Just wanted to drop a line to introduce myself. I'm the promotion manager for The Jim Cullum Jazz Band's public radio series, Riverwalk Jazz. Feel free to stop by our website and give a listen to our weekly broadcasts. Thanks and happy listening.
Wonderful pictures and wonderful music !!
I've become a regular visitor to this site these past few months. In that short time I've placed more than a few CD orders. Nothing I've purchased has disappointed me. In fact, everything I've heard has thrilled me beyond my expectations. Ev Farey-Live at the Sail'N was the first disc I heard and it sets the tone and standard for the Tradjazz label. I can only describe it as well recorded live traditional jazz played with a calm deliberation, incorporating strong ensemble work with some stirring solos. The tempo for much of the performance was leisurely and unrushed, a joy to hear in these frantic times. It was readily apparent that everyone -on and off the bandstand- must have been having a ball. Again, the sound is crystal clear, the performance - superb. The next eight discs contain as many surprises and delights as the Ev Farey. Try the Village Tavern Jazz Band live in Chicago - it's positively electric. It sounds and feels like you're right there in the front row. Enjoy the whole catalogue. I am.
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